“ Nature conservation and interpretation is what I love to do; and there is no better way to enjoy nature’s beauty than through photographs. The human story is based entirely around his/her environment. My photography showcases the universe as it is, and our human lives all around it. I enjoy telling stories through my photography and showing what beauty lies all around us. Photographs are like fossil records of events and moments in our lives. They help us relive these wonderful moments and appreciate life with a deeper touch. Please join me in the knowledge and fun….thank you. ”


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January 13, 2016

Kenya in the Wild West

Western Kenya is a wide region famous for hosting many beautiful landscapes, towns and other attractions. The local cultural events such as the famous Bull-fighting ceremonies […]
October 21, 2015

Nguruman Escarpment, the hidden beauty in the sun

The Nguruman Escarpment, towering to about 2,000m altitude, is located near the Kenya-Tanzania border; in between Lakes Magadi and Natron. The roughly 50km long escarpment holds […]
September 18, 2015

Ol Donyo Sabuk – the mountain of buffaloes

Classified as a scenic/special interest park by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), this classic mountain rises gracefully over the Athi Plains. The mountain formed as an […]