Sustainability and Conservation

As part of our work, we support sustainability projects through some of our profits. We welcome donations towards any of our programmes listed below. You can contribute in both monetary and in-kind donations to our projects. Your contributions go a long way in helping us change the World, through photography…..thank you very much for your continued support.

Our photography work contributes to environmental awareness programmes in Kenya. We support Youth Conservation Awareness Programme (YCAP), a local NGO founded by Washington and his former classmates to help nurture a generation of youth who care for the environment. A portion of our profits and sales is directly channeled towards environmental awareness activities run by YCAP.

We have donated a digital camera, card and lens to YCAP for use during their activities. We continue to support YCAP with all their photography needs during their environmental awareness projects.

We believe that one good social act can change the World. Create That Smile (CTS) is a project we run as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. The project involves travelling to underprivileged communities across Kenya and running a series of free photo shoots. We then print all the photos and give them to the people for free.

Our team of photographers takes trips across the country and organise free photo camps for young Kenyans. Our photo camps are training sessions where we help young photographers learn basic skills needed in starting a photography career. We mentor them through our work and engage them in practical photo shoot sessions. Some of our trainees get internship opportunities with us and get to learn hands-on skills working with our team.

Every time we are out in the field we take many photographs, some of very rare animals, plants or habitats. We continually donate our photos to different conservation organisations and projects for their sustainable use. We also share sightings of our animals and plants with citizen-science projects: