Safari with me

We welcome you to go on safari with us. We arrange single and small group safaris across East Africa. Our tours have a huge photography focus and our vehicles and facilities are cultured to favour your photography needs. All our tour itineraries are written by Washington Wachira based on his extensive travel experience across East Africa. Each client is given special consideration and we plan each tour based on your plans. You just have to tell us your preferred landscapes, species or events and we shall arrange a perfect safari for you.

Kindly contact us to plan your custom-made safari to any destination in East Africa. Come enjoy the taste of Africa with us!

Comments from our previous clients

  • Eden Cottee Jones
    “….. Going into the field with Washington was an absolute pleasure - his knowledge of calls is first class, he has a detailed understanding of exactly where difficult species can best be found, and is resolute in his determination to find each target. Washington is also a charming and highly intelligent young man - and one who is destined for great things in African bird conservation.….The day in Nairobi National Park was a huge success, and aside from a host of brilliant East African birds, we also had unbelievable Lion sightings, along with a host of other mammals. I would highly recommend a day or half day out with Washington …...”
    Eden Cottee Jones
  • Alicia Mills
    “…. for me, as someone who wouldn’t really label themselves as a ‘birder’, but does love nature and wildlife in general, it really did confound expectations. Our guide was Washington who was really personable, chatty and keen to get us excited ahead of arriving. I knew that NNP was a famous and surprisingly diverse park, but I couldn’t believe quite how much it felt like we were no longer in a city. So, - to the important business of what we saw – I was genuinely surprised and amazed at how quickly I got into looking for birds, identifying them, and looking through the book to see more about them. Washington doesn’t even need his binoculars! – he literally hears something, or knows the habitat each species will be in, goes there, then boom – we see the bird in question. ….. I really appreciated the fact that when I told Washington that while I did enjoy the birding, I also did want to see lions, he knew exactly where to go to make sure this happened. I hugely appreciated this – having been on lots of safaris, the key to a good one is having a really responsive guide who can make sure everyone in the group is happy. And we saw two lovely lions! Up close, practically next to us. They were looking right at us, it was a special moment……My favourite was the hybrid lovebirds…..Overall, I felt like my knowledge of Kenya’s amazing birdlife increased rapidly and significantly, - it made me feel proud, and properly engaged with the park and its ecosystem…. We laughed a lot, had a good picnic lunch and were home by 6 or 7. I can imagine how it really would be an amazing amazing experience to do the same but over a few days, in somewhere even more diverse like Samburu. ….”
    Alicia Mills

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