Courses and Events


We have a wide range of nature and field courses:-

  • Short courses – 1 to 3 days
  • Medium Courses – 3 to 10 days
  • Long Courses – 10 to 30 days


Birding Courses

Enjoy nicely paced birding courses led by professional trainers. Most of our courses take place in the field where a lot of time is spent doing actual birding and field exploration.


Botany Courses

Enjoy learning about the plant world, led by expert botanists, who have spent time across Africa studying plants. These courses are done in the field, with utmost dedication to field observations and identification.

Mammals Courses

Our mammal courses focus on both the common mammals of Africa and the less-frequented species. We take time to focus great details on modern taxonomy and Biology of African mammals. Our mammal courses also focus enough time in the field on drives and walks to study mammals in-situ.


Reptiles and Amphibians Courses

These specialized courses are based on the herpetology of Kenya and focus on field learning. We have sessions set up in field classrooms and then spend a lot of time in the bush looking at reptiles and amphibians.


Tracking Courses

Our specialized tracking courses are aimed at equipping you with skills required to interpret tracks and signs of the African bush. We spend enough time looking at illustrations and models to highlight field marks. A good amount of time is also spent in the field studying tracks and signs in the natural habitat.

Better Guiding Courses

Our better guiding courses are holistic training opportunities for African Safari Guides. These courses are aimed at equipping you with skills that will ensure your safaris are more interesting and engaging. We focus on aspects that can improve your safari experiences and leave a great impression on your guests.