About me


  • Julius Musembi
    " Washington’s jovial mood, diverse knowledge and interesting stories make him one of the most interesting people to spend time with in the African outdoors. His passion oozes gracefully from the moment you step outside with him. By dusk, you just want to meet him again tomorrow. "
    Julius Musembi

Washington was born and raised in Kenya. He started his photography career at age 14 as a High School student, taking event photos of his schoolmates during school trips. His passion grew fast and in the year 2009, he won his first photography award (Runners-up in the High School Nature Photography category at the National Environmental Competition by AFEW-Kenya, Giraffe Centre). From that award, he has continued to win multiple national and international awards, including:

  • First Position in the Underwater Category of the 2016 East African Wild Life Photo Competition
  • Honourable mention in the Best of Nikon Kenya 2016 Photography Competition
  • Third Position in the High School Nature Photography category in the 2010 AFEW-Kenya, Giraffe Centre,National Environmental Competition
  • First position (Tertiary Category) in Nature Photography at the 2013 National Satima Wildlife Clubs Competition
  • 2nd position in the Tertiary Photography Category of the 2014 AFEW-Kenya, Giraffe Centre, National Environmental Competition

His work has been featured in many books and projects, such as:

  • The Birds of Eburu Forest
  • The Birds of Kenyatta University

Further, his photographs and work have been featured in many magazines locally and Worldwide, such as: Swara Magazine (The East African Wild Life Society), Mazingira News Magazine, The Fledgling Magazine (Youth Africa Birding), Kenya Birding Magazine (Nature Kenya), Forum Focus Newsletter (Laikipia Wildlife Forum), Imarisha Naivasha Newsletter (Imarisha Naivasha Board), The Explorer Magazine (The Explorer’s Club of Kenya), NatureNet Newsletter (Nature Kenya), EAWLS Newsletter (The East African Wild Life Society), NEMA News (National Environment Management Authority), Giraffe News (AFEW Kenya – Giraffe Centre), Ecoforum Journal (Environment Liaison Centre International), Komba Magazine (Wildlife Clubs of Kenya) and The Hawk Magazine (Ndururumo High School).


He has served as a member of the jury in different photography competitions and awards, such as:

  • National Environmental Competition – AFEW-Kenya, Giraffe Centre
  • Annual Photography Competition – Ndururumo High School Wildlife Club


He has a taste for everything in nature, from the small to the big and everything in between. He has won many conservation awards; including The Daisy Rothschild Award in 2015 and Mr. Environment and Ambassador for Nairobi Province in 2012. He is a passionate author having written articles in many local and international publications. He also leads multiple research projects across Kenya on different conservation and anthropogenic topics. He is also a National Geographic Explorer, on his work with Crowned Eagles.


He is a certified Safari Guide and is a member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA). He has led many trips or expeditions across Kenya, both for private groups and for leading tour companies.Many people often address him as the “Birding Guy”, based on his immense knowledge on avian fauna. He serves as the Kenya Representative for Youth Africa Birding. He founded the Kenyatta University Birding Club in 2014. He is a member of the Bird Committee of Nature Kenya, and chairs the National Bird of Kenya Sub-committee. Through his work, he has received several assignments, such as serving as the Kenya Country Coordinator for the Pan African Network For The Promotion Of A Culture Of Peace And Non-Violence.


When not out taking photos, he serves as the Manager for the Kenya Bird Map Project.